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Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Turn your passion into a business by setting up your own Power Plate Luxury Studio Space• Have you ever wanted more from your career?
• Thought that there must be some way to make money from activities you’re passionate about?
• Wanted the flexibility of working for yourself?

Then get excited – we have the perfect opportunity for you! Turn your passion into a business by setting up your own Power Plate Luxury Studio Space. With a successful formula that has been proven world-wide, your dream job awaits at 35 Hertz! The two packages available include:

Power Plate Exclusive Studio
• 2 x Power Plate machines
• Easily set up and run from your home

Power Plate Small Group Training Studio
• 4-6 x Power Plate machines

Marketing , equipment, education needs and business planning support are available from Power Plate Australia. Our resident expert Amanda Boyle has worked with many luxury Power Plate studios from all over the world including the Harrods in London – the Power Plate Studio where Dannii Minogue trains!

Want some more information on setting up a Luxury Studio Space or want to have a quick peek at some of the successful studios around the globe? Click here.

Get creative in how you live life and influence the health of others – call Amanda on 1300 411 495 for more details.

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Hit the Slopes with Power Plate training

SkiierTraining your body specifically to withstand an entire day on the slopes can be a daunting prospect. Power Plate equipment has long been seen as a training tool to help lose weight and reduce cellulite, however the benefits for skiers and snowboarders of using this method of training is proving too good to ignore.
Read the full press release [here]
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FILEX Fitness Expo Reaches New Heights for Power Plate Australia

Power Plate Australia attends FILEX Fitness  Expo

Another ‘Fitness Christmas’ is over and done with for 2012 with the Sydney Fitness Expo taking place over the weekend. With thousands of people visiting our FILEX stand over the three days, Power Plate Australia certainly shows no sign of slowing down!

We even had special guests, with the Managing Director of Power Plate International David Morrell and Asia Pacific Regional Manager Erica Minter visiting to get the low down on all of our Acceleration Training activities in Australia.

On Friday Ian O’Dwyer ran a free workshop at the Power Plate Australia stand about using the Power Plate machine for Myofacial Tissue Release. To find out more about Ian and his studio, visit the website [here] or check out the Fitness Personally facebook page.

We also had a visit from pelvic floor guru Mish from Mishfit. Mish presented at FILEX this year and also wrote our latest blog post, which you can check out [here].

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