Nárůst síly a zlepšení výskoku s pomocí WBV tréninku

The whole body vibration group achieved a 16.6% gain
in isometric strength of knee extensors, a 9% increase
in dynamic strength of the quadriceps muscles, and a
7.6% increase in vertical jump height. There were no
reports of adverse side effects. Most subjects found the
vibration training enjoyable and fatiguing, but did not
consider it a hard or exhausting workout.
The placebo group, using a non-functional vibration machine,
did not achieve strength or power gains, although
they performed the same standing knee extensor exercises.

The resistance training group achieved strength gains of
14.4% in isometric and 7.0% dynamic strength respectively;
there was no significant improvement in power and
vertical jump height.
The control group showed no improvement in any of the
properties measured.

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