Trénink WBV zlepšuje sprinterský výkon

Sprint performance is determined by the ability to attain
maximum running speed as fast as possible, achieving the
highest running speed and by maintaining this speed for
the required time or distance. By improving specific kinematics
such as step length, step rate and running speed,
as well as increasing explosive strength, sprint performance
can be improved. These kinematics can be trained by improving
optimal motor neuron excitability and fast twitch
fiber recruitment.

Previous studies suggest that whole body vibration training
causes length changes in the muscle which stimulates receptors,
most likely muscle spindles, eliciting the ‘tonic vibration
reflex’. This reflex plays a part in making movements more efficient.
Additionally, there are indications that the recruitment
thresholds of motor units of muscles during vibration are
lower, compared to voluntary contractions. This means your
muscles will contract with a smaller stimulus, resulting in
faster reactions. As whole body vibration training is also
reported to improve fast twitch recruitment, it was hypothesized
that whole body vibration training would result in a
significant increase in sprint running kinematics and explosive
strength/jumping performance in non-experienced

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