Zařazení Power Plate tréninku do přestávky o poločase fotbalového zápasu zvyšuje výkon a zároveň snižuje riziko zranění hráčů v druhém poločase.

It is well known that the performance of players who do
not do any type of re-warm-up intervention during half time
decreases. Researchers at the University of Hull found that
using a Power Plate® machine during half time prevented a
decrease in performance during the start of the second half.
They also found that soccer players who used the Power
Plate machine at half time had decreased fatigue in their
hamstring muscles and improved lower limb stability, at the
start of the second half of the match.
The researchers concluded that use of a Power Plate
machine during half time could be an effective re-warmup
activity for soccer players, both to prevent a decrease
in performance and reduce the risk of injury, especially as
players are not allowed to use the field during half time.

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