Ready your muscles and connecting tissues.

Stretch is simply the preparation of your body to move optimally—whether it’s in a training session, in competition or in everyday life. Before this can happen, there are many systems that must be warmed up, including the nerves, joints, muscles, and the cardiovascular and energy systems. One of the most powerful applications of the Power Plate® machine is that it delivers just this. Through Acceleration Training™, there is an increase in blood flow to passive and active structures, an excitement of the neuromuscular system, and a preparation of connective tissue. The result is that in a few short minutes, your body and its systems are ready for movement with far greater body awareness.

Power Plate News

  • Improving Your Body Composition
    Studies show that adding Power Plate training to a high intensity resistance training program can decrease the percentage of body fat, improving body composition as a whole.

    What is body composition?

    An eight-month study conducted at the University of Oklahoma in 2009 found that Power Plate training enhances resistance training to further improve body composition.

  • Power Plate entrepreneurship opportunity, a journey to personal achievement.
    I travel a lot and meet many business owners and trainers asking me the same questions over and over. Well, this month I hope to provide some answers and to inspire you to put yourself into business.

    “How can Power Plate pay for itself?”

    Personal Training Business Model

    Investment: $10,000

  • Baseball Stabilization
    Created by NASM and Power Plate Master Trainer, Marty Miller, this program is designed to increase muscular endurance and stability, which is extremely importance in baseball. It can be used either in-season to maintain stability and muscular endurance, or as the first phase of an off-season program.

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