Woman using the proMOTION on the Power Plate my7

Actually … it is rocket science.

We’re harnessing the power of physics for accelerated results.

First used by Soviet cosmonauts in the ‘60s to combat the effects of microgravity in space, Acceleration Training™ on the Power Plate® machine triggers the body’s neuromuscular response to vibration. By using one of the most basic laws of physics (Force = Mass x Acceleration), this revolutionary training technique delivers harmonic vibration to the body, stimulating a natural reflex to contract the muscles as frequently as 30 to 40 times a second. Power Plate training applies gravitational forces to the body. At the highest setting, exercising on the my7™ is safely producing resistance equal to five times your body weight.

Because not everyone is a rocket scientist, we’ve kept things simple by creating the G-Factor™, our progressive measurement for vibration forces. The my7 knows when it’s time to increase the intensity of your workout, setting the machine automatically for optimal results.

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