Rachel Weisz

"With the Power Plate, I can now do a quick full body workout at home to suit me."

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Elle MacPherson

"Even after only 2 weeks... I can already see a difference..."

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Courteney Cox

"The Power Plate has dramatically changed my work out."

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Featured Facility BodyTone Wellness Studio Solaris [11/17/2011] The newest BodyTone Wellness studio has opened in Solaris and runs 45 minute group Power Plate sessions. Different classes are run throughout the day to target different goals – from Power Sculpt and Power Step to Power Strength and Power Stretch. Both men and women are catered for in high intensity classes of graduated difficulty. The classes are fully choreographed to music by BodyTone’s own experienced group trainers, ensuring the rhythm of the music gets one through the rigours of the wo…GO

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