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  • Power Plate - Fundamentals

    Power Plate International, Ltd.

    Learn the biomechanics and neurophysiology of Whole Body Vibration, understand the science and application of Acceleration Training™, and get an introduction to Power Plate’s five fitness elements. Power Plate - Fundamentals includes a 90-minute web-based lecture, a practice quiz and a 4-hour hands-on workshop. CEC: ACE (0.6), NASM (0.7), NSCA (0.7), CFP (3.0) [more]

  • Power Plate Post Natal Academy

    Power Plate International, Ltd.

    Learn how to create highly-effective, tailor-made Power Plate® training programs for new mothers. Post Natal exercise programmes are always in demand, so equipping yourself with the skills to train this special client group will help give you a unique selling point. This is a unique collaboration between Power Plate, leaders in Acceleration Training™ exercise, and Burrell Education. [more]

  • Power Plate and Trigger Point Integration course

    Power Plate International, Ltd. & Trigger Point Performance Therapy Ltd.

    The Trigger Point Performance Therapy and Power Plate Integration course has been developed to to take the benefits of myofascial compression techniques with the Trigger Point Performance Therapy (TPPT) tools to a whole new level when used in conjunction with the Power Plate.  Book online here. The Ultimate 6+/Power Plate hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge to another level by implementing Myofascial Compression Techniq… [more]

  • Weight loss with Power Plate and ViPr

    Power Plate International, Ltd. & QPEC

    Combine vibration training and ViPR in an integrated workout for weight loss. The program begins with the preparatory phases of mobilization and movement preparation, and stability and coordination that include ViPR and Power Plate® exercise combinations. The main focus of the workout is then the metabolic circuit, where you will learn how and why the ViPR and Power Plate® can effectively be combined in a number of different ways. When both tools are combined, they will elicit more muscle activity, enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow and greater energy expenditure. In the context of… [more]

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