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Golf Mart Demonstrates How to Perfect Your Swing with the Power Plate® Machine

Power Plate Australia and Golf Mart are pleased to announce a new partnership which aims to help Golfers reach their full potential on the golf course with regular exercise on the Power Plate machine.

Golf Mart, Australia’s line of premier golf stores, has incorporated Power Plate equipment into their major stores to show Golfers how to improve their swing and their overall fitness through Acceleration Training.

"Power Plate equipment provides an ideal platform for players to warm up and ready themselves for action," says Amanda Boyle, International Power Plate Master Trainer and Head of Education at the Power Plate Institute of Australia.

"When used as part of a healthy lifestyle, regular Power Plate workouts can help improve strength, power, flexibility and movement efficiency to give Golfers that all-important edge over their competitors."

"Our new partnership with Golf Mart allows Golfers of all levels to be given the opportunity to try the Power Plate machines in store, following a golf-specific program to feel how their bodies loosen and prepare to shoot under par every time!"

Internationally renowned golfers Colin Montgomerie, Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke are among the many professional sportsmen and women to successfully incorporate Power Plate equipment into their training programs. The Power Plate machine works by transferring vibrations to muscles, which naturally activates reflexive muscle contractions. A static or dynamic pose, held for up to 60 seconds at a time, activates multiple muscle groups simultaneously to stretch, tone or strengthen.

To find your local Golf Mart store with Power Plate equipment, visit To find out more about Power Plate equipment, visit or phone 1300 411 495.