A Work of Art

Power Plate® Gets a Makeover from Fashion Magnate Kenzo Takada

World renowned designer Kenzo Takada has designed a limited series Power Plate machine to bright light, colour and class into any home or apartment.

The Power Plate machine is a luxury wellness product which allows users to complete a full body work out in only half an hour using the principles of vibration training exercise.

"I discovered the Power Plate through close friends," says Kenzo.

"As soon as I bought the Power Plate and followed my trainer's advice, I obtained outstanding results in no time. I have now been using the Power Plate exercises very frequently for the last two years and the massages at the end of each session are perfect for relaxation!"

"I worked with the Power Plate team to see how we could possibly make this product even more dynamic, bright and design-friendly so that, like me, your desire to try it is your first step before adopting it."

Power Plate machines have long been the health and wellbeing secret of A-list celebrities such as Elle MacPherson, Courteney Cox, Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer, Dannii Minogue and Renee Zellweger.

The Power Plate machine designed by Kenzo Takada is perfect for the home and high-end salons alike, with recognisable flair and as a central discussion piece.

"Power Plate is the best way to feel good in your body!" says Takada.