New Workout Options for Post-Natal Women

Power Plate® Equipment Gives Australian Post-Natal Women Renewed Confidence

Power Plate Australia is excited to launch a new post-natal and women's health and fitness program to the Southern Hemisphere with a training course and certification which will be offered to trainers working with post-natal clients.

The program has been designed to help to modernise the options for post-natal women in the southern hemisphere and is strongly backed by thorough and extensive research.

This research has been carried out independently to help mothers and women with their three major body issues - fat loss, abdominal tone and strength, as well as pelvic floor reconditioning.

"Women have many health and body issues that the Power Plate machine can help mend," says Amanda Boyle, Head of Education and International Power Plate Master Trainer.

"If women choose unsuitable exercise routines after birth, either on their own or with an inexperienced trainer, it can hinder their progress towards wellness and regained strength. When you have a new baby to look after, you need all the strength you can get!"

When using the Power Plate machine, pelvic floor activation is doubled by simply standing on the Plate - this is before any Kegels are performed. When Kegels are integrated into a Power Plate workout, the contraction strength is increased by nearly 25 per cent.

Post-natal exercise and conditioning with the Power Plate has been used by many celebrity mums including Dannii Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Elle MacPherson.

For more information on Power Plate equipment, the Post-natal Academy, or your nearest Power Plate studio with post-natal exercise options, please phone 1300 411 495 or visit