Top NFL Teams Train with Power Plate® Equipment for 2009-10 Season

Defending AFC West Champion San Diego Chargers Extol Praise for Power Plate® Acceleration Training™

Irvine, Calif. (September 28, 2009) – Fresh off of a 23-13 win over the Miami Dolphins and their unconventional wildcat offense, the San Diego Chargers attribute their season-opening success in part to Power Plate® Acceleration Training™.

"We use Power Plate® machines in our daily routine: in our pre-workout for muscle activation, to stretch the players so they're loose and ready to play, and for regeneration since it alleviates soreness and allows them to recover faster after intense workouts," says Jeff Hurd, strength and conditioning coach for the San Diego Chargers. "We even have it on the sidelines during games. Power Plate® equipment has really made a difference for the team, they feel more prepared and ready to play."

Power Plate® technology provides one of the most efficient and dynamic total-body workouts in less than 30 minutes utilizing scientifically-proven Advanced Vibration Technology™ that triggers involuntary muscle reactions 25-50 times per second while you exercise. The result is a high-intensity exercise that increases strength, improves muscle tone and balance.

Power Plate® equipment's scientifically proven ability to reduce muscle pain and soreness and expedite the recovery of damaged muscles and tendons is important to NFL athletes and necessary during the 16-game season and into the post season.

"We use Power Plate® machines as one of our methods of exercise because of its unique Acceleration Training™ benefits like increased muscle strength, power, core conditioning and balance that are essential to a player's success in the NFL," said Hurd.

Other NFL teams benefiting from Power Plate® workouts include the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants and defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Used by elite athletes, celebrities, and people from all walks of life, Power Plate® equipment benefits include: increased fitness, strength, muscle tone, flexibility, bone density and range of motion as well as improved blood circulation and lymphatic system activation. The complete Power Plate® line of fitness equipment is designed for health clubs, wellness centers, spas, hospitals, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, professional and collegiate athletic training facilities, private fitness trainers and home use. Power Plate North America is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.