The effect of 30 Hz vs. 50 Hz passive vibration and duration on skin blood flow in the arm

Medical Science Monitor. Vol. 14(3), pp: CR112-116, 2008

Researchers have demonstrated that Whole Body Vibration results in significant increases in skin blood flow. No study has determined if a specific frequency or a specific duration is better at optimizing skin blood flow. Two studies were conducted to determine, 1) if there is a difference in skin blood flow due to passive vibration of the forearm at 30 Hz vs. 50 Hz, 2) if one frequency is superior, and 3) if there is an optimal duration. Both frequencies produced significant increases in skin blood flow within the first four minutes of vibration.

Conclusion: Five minutes of 30 Hz or 50 Hz vibration produced significant increases in SBF. Clinically, 50 Hz has additional benefits because Skin Blood Flow increased more rapidly and did not result in vasoconstriction during the recovery period.