Arterial stiffness acutely decreases after whole-body vibration in humans

Acta Physiologica. Vol. 194(3), pp: 189-194. 2008

The aim of this study was to investigate the acute effects of a single Power Plate session on arterial stiffness. Ten healthy young men participated in this study. In multiple comparisons brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (indicator for arterial stiffness) was lower 20 and 40 min after the Power Plate session compared with the baseline and recovered to baseline after 60 minutes. There were no differences in brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity before and after control trials.

Conclusion: These results shows that Power Plate training acutely decreases arterial stiffness. Repetition of acute reduction in arterial stiffness may decrease baseline levels of arterial stiffness and therefore may reduce risk of cardiovascular events.