Effects of adding whole body vibration to squat training on isometric force/time characteristics

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Vol. 24(1), pp: 171-183, 2010

Recent studies have suggested that Whole Body low frequency vibration may elicit an acute postactivation potentiation response, leading to acute improvements in power and force development. Potentially, the use of vibration between sets of resistance training rather than during training itself may lead to increased recruitment and synchronization of highthreshold motor units, minimize fatigue potential, and facilitate the chronic adaptation to resistance exercise.

Conclusion: The data suggests that there was a significant benefit afforded by adding Whole Body Low Frequency Vibration to a short-term resistance training protocol with regard to ''explosive'' strength expression. The addition of vibration prior to and between sets of resistance exercise may be a viable alternative to vibration applied during resistance exercise when trying to improve ''explosive'' isometric strength.