Power Plate and Trigger Point Integration course

The Trigger Point Performance Therapy and Power Plate Integration course has been developed to to take the benefits of myofascial compression techniques with the Trigger Point Performance Therapy (TPPT) tools to a whole new level when used in conjunction with the Power Plate.

The Ultimate 6+/Power Plate hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge to another level by implementing Myofascial Compression Techniques into your daily routine and workouts with your clients.

Master Trainer Kristian Manietta will define and work through six major areas of the body that we feel are key players in the human biomechanical chain. We will then build upon this Ultimate 6 foundation by targeting other specific areas, resulting in even greater efficiency of movement. You will learn how to teach the specific manipulations to your clients and ensure they are getting the greatest benefit for their time and effort and how to integrate the TPPT tools and methodology with the Power Plate.

Course Objectives:

Included (TP Performance Therapy Kit to the value of $349.85):
Hip & Lower Back Kit (RRP $249.95)
  - TP Footballer
  - TP Baller Block
  - TP Quadballer
  - 2x TP Massage Ball
  - Body biomechanics for Hip & Lower Back DVD
  - Performance therapy for Hip & Lower Back DVD
TP2 - Sleeve (RRP $19.95)
GRID Revolutionary Foam Roller (RRP $79.95)

Early Bird Price for 8 hour workshop plus above kit $395
Late registration $465
Cost of workshop only (no kit provided) $295