Power Plate & Vipr educational video 'Weight loss'

Man kneeling on Power Plate for 'Weight Loss' video

The Weight Loss / Metabolic module is an audio visual learning experience that provides educational content specific to the science of ViPR and Power Plate but in the context of direct application into an integrated workout program for Weight Loss. The 60 minute learning program and supporting PDF document shows how and why both tools are being used to elicit highly metabolic responses and adaptations based around a systematic and progressive program design model.

It is important to initially look at the unique movement demands needed for an effective weight loss / metabolic program, and to also be considerate of the population group, on which the program methodology has been based upon. The program begins with the preparatory phases of mobilization and movement preparation, and stability and coordination that include ViPR and Power Plate® exercise combinations.

The main focus of the workout is then the metabolic circuit, where you will learn how and why the ViPR and Power Plate® can effectively be combined in a number of different ways. The ViPR is predominantly a top down influence on the body, a gravity enhancer that allows you, as a trainer to program whole body, integrated resistance training for clients that often do not understand the benefit of strength training for weight loss. This program will also give you a greater understanding of the principles of acceleration training™ with the Power Plate®, a ground reaction force enhancer that elicits many positive adaptations in the body.

It will then become clear that when both tools are combined, they will elicit more muscle activity, enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow and greater energy expenditure. In the context of a weight loss program it means a significantly increased metabolic cost of a workout that is also fun, challenging and interactive.

Recovery and Regeneration is also a vital part of any program, particularly for this population group where your client can take advantage of the unique massage feature of the power plate, including its positive effects on cellulite, and combine it with ViPR movements to normalize joint motion and restore balance in the body.

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